Problems solved

Here are some recent examples of problems we have solved with organisations in order to help them change and maximise their effectiveness.

Evaluating the difference made by an advice service
Reducing the risk of reputational damage for Missing People
Evaluating the difference the Young Minds Parents' Helpline makes
Facilitating a trustee away day for a Citizens Advice service
Supporting a cancer charity to improve its governance
Evaluating information resources for Bliss
Recommendations for effectively measuring CLIC Sargent's service outcomes
Insight to develop a new service for Mind
Delivering a Governance Stress Test for a leading mental health charity
Evaluating the impact of THET's information service
Designing services to maximise impact at World Cancer Research Fund
Developing a fundraising strategy and designing a new service for Young Women's Trust
Developing compelling fundraising propositions with Forum for the Future
Increasing Gingerbread's income from corporates