Governance tip 8 – Get some help

Obviously a consultancy that gets paid to help charities with governance would suggest getting some help, but there is actually an immense amount of free help out there. In fact, there is so much help and information that it is entirely unrealistic to read it all – so, if you are lucky enough to have someone in your organisation responsible for governance on a day to day basis, then ask them to read and distil it.

If not, know how to access the Charity Commission guidance about trustees, give yourself 30 minutes to skim the new-in-2017 Governance Code, Chairs join the Association of Chairs (or at least sign up to the newsletter), Chief Execs consider (and probably reject) joining ACEVO, keep an eye on NCVO’s handy monthly governance round-ups (link is to August 2018), and for a slightly different view on the subject, subscribe to ICSA’s updates. If you need something a little more significant, pay for it.

This is one of a series of Practical governance tips for charity Chairs and Chief Executives