A busy few months

It’s been a busy few months for Fiveways, working on a range of projects for clients, old and new.

Our stream of work evaluating projects and services has included an evaluation of a large national health helpline, working with a national homelessness charity on a project supporting young people into accommodation, education or employment, and an evaluation of the impact of workshops supporting parents of children with disabilities. We have also entered the second phase of our work evaluating the National Bereavement Care Pathway, following release of our interim report in April this year.

In relation to strengthening governance and assessing and managing risk, we have carried out a governance review for a small but high profile charity working with young people, and are in the middle of a review of safeguarding oversight for one of the UK’s largest children’s charities.

All of our work is aimed at helping non-profit organisations increase their impact and deliver more for less, and this can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Recently we have developed a theory of change for a national cancer charity, and are now helping the charity re-frame how it communicates about the work it does with people who die from cancer, and their families. This has been a real learning experience, which we hope to share, with permission, in due course.

In all we’ve been dealing with some tough issues for some great organisations that make an important difference to society around us – which is exactly why we do what we do.