Fiveways charity awards 2016

It’s been another interesting year for many charities in the UK. To celebrate we want to request nominations for the Fiveways charity awards, as sponsored by The Daily Mail!

The key categories are as follows:

  • Transparency in governance, supported by the Charity Commission
  • Lifetime underachievement, for the longest self-serving chief executive
  • Worst charity report, sponsored by the Untrue and Unfair Foundation
  • Celebrity charity champion (to be presented by Jim Davidson and Scarlett Johansson)
  • Corporate partnership of the year, sponsored by E.On
  • Red Herring award for the charity that spends absolutely nothing on overheads
  • Worst use of personal data in a coffee shop, jointly sponsored by the Pret a Manger Foundation and the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Fundraising Agency of the Year, sponsored by Ray Mears
  • Best use of social media during a meeting
  • Elephant in the Room award for the last charities in multi-employer defined benefit pension schemes
  • Highest percentage of expenditure spent on measuring impact, sponsored by several organisations who measure impact
  • The knit-one-pearl-one award for charity campaigning
  • And finally, charity rear of the year, for the charity which spends the most time looking at its own behind at the expense of doing anything useful

We are delighted that Fiveways has already been nominated for the award for ‘Worst Seasonal Promotional Activity by a Consultancy Working with Charities’. With this in mind, please don’t take our awards too seriously, but if you think that your organisation is worthy of a nomination in any of the categories above, Fiveways may be able to help. Get in touch.