Problems solved

Here are some recent examples of problems we have solved with organisations in order to help them change and maximise their effectiveness.

Measuring the outcomes of a peer support service set up on Zoom in response to COVID-19
Evaluating the impact of parent workshops
Evaluating care given to parents suffering pregnancy and baby loss
Evaluating a helpline service
Developing a theory of change and an approach to impact measurement for a cancer charity
Carrying out a services review regarding risk and safeguarding
Carrying out a Governance Review for The Diana Award
Evaluating a "payment by results" project
Evaluating the difference the Young Minds Parents' Helpline makes
Reducing the risk of reputational damage for Missing People
Improving outcomes assessment for a youth development charity
Evaluating the difference made by an advice service
Evaluating information resources for Bliss
Facilitating a trustee away day for a Citizens Advice service
Supporting a cancer charity to improve its governance
Insight to develop a new service for Mind
Evaluating the impact of THET's information service
Recommendations for effectively measuring CLIC Sargent's service outcomes