Evaluating information resources for Bliss

Bliss commissioned Fiveways to carry out an evaluation of its information resource for parents of babies born between 32 and 37 weeks, and those born after 37 weeks who spend time on a neonatal unit.

We helped the charity focus the research on the practical differences that the guide made to parents and their babies, as well as emotional responses. The research took place over a year, and included interviews with both healthcare professionals and parents, as well as a comprehensive survey of several hundred individuals.

The final evaluation report presented Bliss with detailed information about changes the charity could make to this resource, as well as considerations for different approaches for other publications and information provision. It also considered how Bliss could ensure that more parents can access their resources in future.

“As a charity we have always had an understanding of what we do due to anecdotal feedback, but have not always had the data and numbers to back it up.  We know our information fills a gap, however we did not know how to measure it properly.  When speaking with Justin and Richard they understood our difficulties straight away and were able to describe the change we wanted identified. I would certainly recommend Fiveways. They were able to break down what we do and articulate it in a focused way so that we could ask the right questions. They are highly professional, gave us a true insight into the work we do, and delivered the project earlier than we expected. We will use them again in the future.”

Zoe Chivers, Head of Services – Bliss.