Our partners

We have a small number of organisational partnerships that allow us to access specialist expertise in certain areas.

We partner with qualitative market research consultancy Skyrocket to generate practical insight so we can truly take the perspective of the intended audience. Skyrocket take an innovative approach to developing and delivering realistic research solutions including group discussions, in-depth interviews, observation and co-creation workshops.

For all things web – including this site – we work with Square Eye. They have been developing websites for numerous leading charities and non-profits for more than 15 years, and always place an emphasis on user-friendly sites for non-technical clients.

We also work with design agency Open Associates, who are experts in delivering effective visual communications solutions for their clients, online and in print.

In order to provide the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience for clients, we have access to a small group of core associates, typically individuals with considerable experience of the non-profit sector, who share our values and overall approach to work. We can therefore form bespoke teams of experts to work on projects; with no expensive overheads to pay, this allows us to keep our costs down.