CLIC Sargent 2018

Developing a theory of change and an approach to impact measurement for a cancer charity

Fiveways worked with CLIC Sargent over several months to develop a theory of change for the organisation. This included developing a set of indicators of long-term change, and recommending an approach to measuring the impact of the charity’s work with young people and children with cancer, and their families.

A key element of the work was understanding the needs and views of a range of stakeholders. The Fiveways team consulted with several staff, including from fundraising, policy, and service delivery teams, as well as with trustees of the charity. The work was informed by young people with experience of cancer, thanks to CLIC Sargent’s young persons reference group, and by speaking to several parents of children with cancer.

The final output was a detailed but accessible theory of change reflecting the ‘six ways’ which the charity helps people. Provided in slide format, the document was primarily for internal use, but was designed so that individual slides could be used whenever required – particularly with engaged supporters by the income and engagement team.

Alongside this work, Fiveways helped to develop a set of infographics for CLIC Sargent, helping the charity to quickly and simply illustrate some of the short and long-term benefits of its work. This included assisting the organisation reconsider the way it describes its vital work with children and young people who die, and their families.

“Fiveways has a thorough understanding of the development of a theory of change and how it can be applied in practice. At the end of the project we have a document that informs what we should be measuring and how we should be communicating the difference we make. Their agile approach has ensured we have a product that departments in the charity understand, are engaged with, and are excited about receiving. Fiveways exceeded all expectations. Working with them felt like a true collaboration. They have a flexible, thorough approach and an incredibly helpful ability to problem solve and present options which I appreciated, and I know our stakeholders did also.”
Rachel Coomber Head of Services: Quality & Projects