Insight to develop a new service for Mind

We conducted research to support Mind with the development of a new information service to improve the mental health needs of those working in the emergency services. Based on the insight generated from discussing this sensitive issue with a range of personnel and stakeholders, we were able to present Mind with clear recommendations for how they should design, position and promote the service so that it would be credible and accessible for each of the different services. We also clarified what could be done to achieve the wider, cultural change required to reduce the stigma attached to seeking support for mental health issues.

“With very short timescales and despite a complex subject matter, Fiveways produced a useful report that pointed out the key things to consider at the outset of this significant project. They were reliable, showed a commitment to deliver, the project management and communication felt strong, the team were accessible throughout, and the report was delivered on time.”

Stephen Buckley, Head of Information – Mind.