Missing People

Reducing the risk of reputational damage for Missing People

The Fiveways Charity Stress Test is an independent, confidential and supportive enquiry into areas of a charity’s policy and practice that could be vulnerable to criticism and risk reputational damage. The Test is a vital starting point to protect your charity’s reputation, and ensure your organisation does not pique the interest of a critical media. For more information click here

We worked with Missing People to deliver an Integrity Stress Test, reviewing public facing information, internal documents and best practice. This included an assessment of the honesty of claims made by the charity, its level of transparency, whether it lived up to its stated values, how it delivered its duty of care of staff and service users, and its overall effectiveness.

“The current climate of additional scrutiny and focus on charities means that Fiveways’ Stress Test is a very timely product that we think many charities would be keen to utilise. We found the working relationships with Fiveways supportive, honest and open, and we gained a lot from the process.”

Jo Youle, Chief Executive – Missing People.