Developing a compelling case for support

We have been recently helping a leading sustainability charity develop a case for support for a new project.

At first sight their project appeared slightly complicated and esoteric, but it has been a stimulating and enjoyable challenge to translate our client’s passion and technical expertise into a compelling case for support.

To achieve this we applied the key ingredients of an effective case for support: Articulating the charity’s vision, clarifying the problem at hand, detailing how the project provides a unique solution to that problem, describing the positive impact the project will make, and outlining how the donor’s support will make that impact happen.

However one crucial input Fiveways provided was to write the case for support from the perspective of the potential donor. As an external set of eyes we could identify where the charity’s usual way with words could be amended to be more understandable, emotive and persuasive for potential donors who may not deal with complex sustainability issues every day.

With this clear, concise and convincing case for support our client is now better placed to secure funding for their much needed work.

If you would like to develop, review or refresh your charity’s fundraising propositions and case for support, please get in touch.